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What is Be-Bound Tech?

Our patented compression technology allows data connection anywhere, no matter the network available (from WiFi/4G/3G down to real 2G-SMS) or its quality (weak or saturated). By doing so, Be-Bound guarantees constant connection for any smartphone user, addressing low or no-data connectivity issues. By simply using the SMS network as an alternative transport layer for Internet traffic, we bring users a true app experience and monetization opportunity when there is no internet network, reaching even the most remote regions and users who cannot afford data plan!

How does Be-Bound Tech work?

Be-Bound partners with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to help them offer connectivity solutions to their clients and leverage their existing networks.

Once the data is compressed, it goes through their network and billing system to reach our servers and the web. That way your apps benefit from the best available network, allow monetization and remain connected to the Internet!

Welcome to N4B Docs